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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Horse + Pony, the magazine is for like 10 year olds that like looking at pictures and can't read....

The most challenging [and probably exciting] part of my life at the moment, is deciding whether to spend the rest of the night on my computer, or go on the ps3 for a while.
Some thing must be wrong with that right?
Well, the reasons for going on the computer: To talk to people on msn. Fun... especially when my girlfriend's hardly ever on, especially later at night.
Reasons for going on the ps3: to escape my life and live someone else's.
To go to a place that has a set line, a set story, in order for me to just follow along drudgingly.
It enables me to do what, in normal life, I could only ever dream of.
That I could imagine with my mind what I was seeing with my eyes, and become that thing, the one between the joining of the two worlds, to instead of see, and think, to feel the thoughts of a game, the images, the feelings, surrounding, captivating me into  statue so that i could stand there and revel in the peace of it all.
The infinitesimal balance between reality and fiction in that life, the other life, that would have it as being a wonder of the new world, the technologically advanced civilizations.
The warmongering, bickering, plague of civilization bearing down on those good and free people, to oppress and suppress the civility of the civilizations.

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