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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Approximately two-thirds of people tip their head to the right when they kiss.

Soo kissing?
Mighty fine isn't it?
I have just been watching some hilarious you tube videos, and reading some funny Wiki-Hows on how to kiss, first kisses and stuff. Just for kicks.
It enlightened me somewhat.

I do not remember my first kiss with my current girlfriend, as such, yet I remember my 'first kiss' [with my first girlfriend] probably because that was pretty painful and awkward.... but still...

I also think that the weird statistic above ^^ means i am one of a third of the population.... But i go left mainly because i don't want to rip my girlfriends nose piercing out, but still...

Me and my girlfriend both kiss pretty differently. 
When we tongue, her tongues never in my mouth... my tongues sometimes in her, y'know....
Another thing, we don't really talk much. About kissing and stuff really... 

Are we supposed to....?

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