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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sorting out my Life

Okay so...
1. Emails to University Admissions Tutors
2. Get a Job
3. Start Driving Lessons
4. [but should be done first] Homework for start of term
5. Ironing ¬¬ yes my mum makes me iron my clothes sometimes, suck it up.
6. CV finished and checked [should be done before 2]
7. Draw some stuff
8. Write more poems
9. Finish the story I'm writing
10. Read more books
11. Create a website after a year of not doing it ¬¬
12. Fix computer, somehow.....
13. Finish ACII so I can led it to Alex.
14. Buy Christmas presents? Too early....
15. Get more posters around my room

That should do for now xD

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