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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

5th ¬¬

Is it bad that I feel jealous towards people who I don't know, and only know that they are 'Matt and Josh who draw on my girlfriend'?

I think its not very good to be quite honest. I shouldn't feel jealous. But she moved to a different college [not cause of me (I hope...) ] and now she's having lots of fun on her new course.

Me, personally, am having trouble deciding what courses to finalise on, and have crap free's, and boring lunches.

Why should I feel jealous?

"You need to meet them. all of them. but you have to be confident coz they are all really outgoing"

URM HELLO? Least outgoing, most insecure, most unsocial, most retarded person that you are talking about....

I can't even be confident with my best friends and her, let alone a bunch of 'mentals' that i have no idea who they are... :'(


"and my mum says that I've changed already, like being 

more confident. Its because my mates are really loud".

I hope she hasn't changed much. I liked her how she was...

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