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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

7th.... I get really annoyed.

I get really annoyed. I do.

I'm insecure. I'm not confident. I'm sensitive.

My girlfriend suddenly gets texts and then tells me we need to talk about stuff.
Foreshadowing and foreboding, right? Uh-oh... :S

She then won't text me back when I'm asking simple questions. [also thinks I'm in a mood when I'm not...]

[EDIT: just found realised, she did text me back, but only in reply to a question, not making conversation or anything]

And I'm on Facebook, and I see she's written on a friends wall:  miss you <3

I don't even get that, and we've been going out 5+ months now ¬¬

Yeah its probably me being jealous and stupid but I cant help it.
It's not like I could get any girl I wanted to, to go out with me. She, however, could get so much more [and better] than me, or if not, she could still get many people who like her and could like her that way and i could get like one.
Not that it matters cause we're going out and everything, and she says that that's not going to happen, but i can't help but think about if she liked other guys cause, no-offence to her, she is lovely, but sometimes she can be really mean, i know she probably doesn't mean it, but she never seems to be mean o anybody else, really, just to me.
She says she's joking, and that I'm too sensitive but all of that *points up ^^ * is why i am like that.

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