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Monday, 27 September 2010

8th. New Me. Well, New Blog :L

Okay this is stupid.
Somehow I have managed to follow MY OWN blog...
However, it took me about three tries to follow Schlemmons'... ¬¬

Just voted on the Golden Joystick Awards for my favourite games of 2010.

Going back to the Schlemmons, I figure he has a point. Although, I think I will 'live' more than 6 Months out of my 77 years, but the point still stands.

So, what is the afterlife?
I once had a dream. Yes, a dream. And don't be pedantic like "just once?" or anything ¬¬
But basically, I sort of died. And all there was left was blackness. And it felt like years had gone by. and i was staring, into black. What's up with that? I don't want that to happen to me.

Also, Schlemmons raised another fine point. Why the hell am I writing a blog?
I don't know. Originally I assumed it would be one of a few things.
Firstly, basically a rant page where I complain about facebook and my life.
Secondly, a page where I bring up interesting, controversial, or just any old topics and talk about them and explore their concepts.
Thirdly, to write a diary. but that's on my other blog, so not this one.
Fourthly, for it to not really have a particular reason, and for it to be crap.

Check box on fourth , please.

Therefore I will try, each post to include something interest or controversial or different into my blog. However, it will also be crap :D

For now, I leave you with this:

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