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Monday, 20 September 2010

quick poem.... of feelings and crap ;D

I want to send something to her,
but I want it to be right,
Even if I have to,
Stay up all night.

The thing that I send,
It needs to be true ,
More detailed,
than just I love you,

I was thinking about,
Saying why I do,
But that is too desperate,
And nothing new.

I'm not really joking,
or blowing my own horn,
but I'm quite a nice guy,
Not what you get from a thorn.

I am not annoyed or,
angry with you,
I just got jealous,
about your 'crew'

I can't blame you,
or anyone at all,
it just happened I'm sorry,
would, if I crawl,
Would you stay with me
if I changed to,
who you want me to be,
I'd change for you,
would you change too?

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