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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Shrink - Job prospect No4

Okay. So, firstly Job prospect number 1:
i really want to be a game design. no choice about it. I want to do that. i can't imagine doing anything else tbh.

Number 2:
Video games journalist. at least i can write about games, and still be entwined with them, at least one way.

Number 3:
Video games tester. Not bad, fun job, no real life plan though... :S

Number 4:
A SHRINK. I give good advice, I listen well, I play devils advocate [but  also the opposite?]. I can give you the advice you need. Whether you need from someone point of you. just reassuring you in your opinion. Shouting you down and telling you it's your fault.  Or just the plain truth. Or, my own opinion.

But what matters is what you really think, deep down inside. not what you want to hear. but what you know.

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