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Monday, 11 October 2010

LOL I think none of my friends like me :L

I wonder how many of my friends would stop being friends with me if they were able to do it in a way that meant that I didn't realise they were doing it?

I wonder how many of my friends would keep in contact with me if I went away?

I wonder how many of my friends would be talk to me if I didn't talk first?

I wonder how many of my friends would 'rewind' their lives and not start to be friends with me?

I don't know...

Enough of that i have like 15 weeks of maths homework, 2 ICT projects that are handed in that need improving, plus homework for two new ICT projects.
On the plus side, you're actually reading this which means I am providing entertainment for at least one person that would otherwise probably be bored out of their wits, such as I am.

On another note I think that to much pressure is put on younger people to do many things at once. As above, I have lots of homework. That's not even an exaggeration to be quite honest. Then there is working. Finding a job, interviews, getting a job, actually working the stupid hours they are likely to give you at the minimum wage or below. Then there's driving. Having money for lessons. Actually having lessons. Fitting lessons around school timetables, work and other outings. Revising for theory test. taking theory test. Practising for the driving test. Taking the driving Test. [Re-taking if necessary]. Then you have University. Including personal statements. Choosing a course you want to go to. Choosing universities you want to apply to. Going to open days. Applying using UCAS and filling UCAS out. Actually going to university. Moving. Lectures. Outside work. Amongst all of that there are other things that are wanted to be done. Bedroom tidy. Chorse to be done. Etc.
Then the important things like friends, girlfriends [not plural as in the sense of having two, but in the sense of generally any boy having a girlfriend, or vice versa too], having fun, social excursions.

And what is it all for?

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