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Friday, 1 October 2010

Should I Be Annoyed?

Or angry?
OR upset?
What should I do about it?
All valuable questions... shame I don't have any answers...

Well basically, my girlfriend wrote this [as you can see, on facebook] at about lunch time today. About tonight. However, she always says how I'm not just her boyfriend I'm her 'best' friend to. Obviously not then....
Not to mention she hasn't seen me in a week. Yet I don't get a mention at all... not even a text or a 'personalised' message saying anything at all.

Added to that she is annoyed at me, because i'm jealous of her inviting a guy round her house. I do not know this boy. He his from her school. Which makes me jealous, but only slightly suspicious :L

However, there isn't anything particularly to do at her house, leads em to the question, what will they be doing?

Yeah I laugh about it and joke. But I really don't know.

I know she's not that sort of person but it doesn't mean I don't jump to conclusions about it.

Also she said I could go meet him at her house, where there is nothing to do. most of the time we talk or make-out and that's about it really. I'm bad enough when it's me and somebody I DO know, like Becky, so how bad could it be with somebody that I don't know, at somebody else's house, and the person is a guy.

And I'm pretty sure I am the 'bad guy' because I am jealous.  Hey, I didn't invite him round to your house, did I?

And I'm not even angry?
Why am I not angry?
Wouldn't I like to know... ¬¬

Yeah I'm a little upset about it that would be why I wrote this whole post about it. Otherwise that would have been a truly pointless exercise of my worthless existence; that I wrote a post about something that, not only I wasn't angry about, but that I wasn't even upset about either.

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