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Monday, 18 June 2012

Changed my mind

Actually, you know what, i am going to write something.

Firstly, She was a MASSIVE BITCH. Reading through my posts on this crappy blog just now has made me realise this fact. And now I'm quite glad she dumped me. Obviously I wasn't at the time, and if I'm to be truthful, I'd rather have a bitch for a girlfriend than be alone so I'm not sure i hate her.

I am alone though. I know that for sure. Yeah i have family and friends. but that is a different type of lonely.
Like I'm sat in bed, my sisters both have boyfriends and they're both staying round, coming for dinner, going out places together. And I'm just sat here. Alone.

Anyone enough with the sadness I'm supposed to be pissed off.
Yeah I look back at them and literally I'm thinking "What a twat!". And I don't normally swear. But yeah a few things were truthful from those posts. But now I don't care. I'm going to go to bed and sleep and wake up a new man.

Good luck with that I hear you say? Thanks, I'll need it. I know full well it won't happen.

I 100% will not get up at 6.30 and do weights.
I 100% will not get up at 6.45 and have breakfast.
I 100% will not get up at 7 and be early.
I 100% will wake up at 7.10 and ignore myself.

In other words my life needs fulfilment but i don't care enough to make it happen, and I'm too lazy to make myself care.


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