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Friday, 13 July 2012

Robin Hood?

I should really write on here more often.
But I don't seem to have the time
But I can't be bothered.
But what can I write anyway.
There's nothing really to write.

Robin Hood is pretty good...
Started watching that again the other day, it's awesome.
My whole family is out tonight. I'm staying in and watching it.

I like the humour of it, it's funny.

Don't like Marian though. Such a biatch.
And a tease. If I were Robin I'd give her a good slap every time she talked to Gisborne. 

And Gisborne, he's such a 'why doesn't this woman like me even though I shower her with gifts' bumhole.

Robin Hood is a thousand times a better man than him.

I wish I was Robin Hood D: